A cause to support

Year-round TechTop activities and its annual innovation summit are the perfect cause to support to make the culture of innovation a basic of learning and living in India. As the saying goes, innovation is the mother of all enterprises. New innovations bring solutions for sustainable living, help reduce poverty, and make our planet safe for living.

Being innovative is about looking beyond what we currently do well, identifying the great ideas of tomorrow and putting them into practice today. TechTop and our associates are thinking of new ways of doing things to make our children think of solutions for the problems around them, and to bring in the spirit of innovation in all their learning environments – whether in an early childhood setting, a school, or in further education or training.

TechTop identifies students who have the calibre to change this world, promotes and celebrates their innovations, and introduces them to high quality tools, templates and guides to help them get started and share their new innovations. We have successful year-round programmes such as the Maker events in schools that help authorities identify students who have the calibre and will to embark on a life to improve student learning, enhance student engagement and well-being, and ensure successful transitions and pathways in their cognitive growth.

All our activities have room for industry intervention for a perfect ‘cause marketing’ initiative; without the cooperative efforts of for-profit businesses, TechTop being a non-profit organisation, has limited scope to spread the power of innovation, and to support those innovative minds to dream big and achieve the unachievable.

Usually,‘cause marketing’ takes shape as a mutually beneficial marketing partnership between a non-profit charity and a for-profit business in service of both parties’ respective business, social, or environmental goals. All businesses associated with TechTop in the past have been able to leverage the virtue associated with the cause of innovation to build their image as progressive looking brands, as well as to differentiate their products and services, encourage shoppers to switch brands, increase sales and nurture customer loyalty.

Working with TechTop leads all brands to a niche market, such as the nation’s college students who are the future of the nation. This demographic now shows a striking preference for brands they believe to be socially responsible, and wishing for their growth. According to a recent internal study, nearly 95 percent of students who associate with us say they are less likely to ignore an ad that promotes a brand’s partnership with TechTop.

TechTop has an experienced team to plan and implement your branding targets. We can configure any programme that suits your brands’ deep visibility. Your financial support fuels TechTop to do all the good that society needs.

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