Er. NT Nair

Er. Rajesh M Nair

Er. N T Nair


Nair has a Master’s degree in Applied Electronics, and decades of experience in Electronics, Electrical and IT fields. While at CMS Computers, he worked at developing pre-paid energy metering systems, Traffic management systems, etc. His magazine, Executive Knowledge Lines (EKL), available in print and web versions, is well-received by the professional community and elite public as a sought-after source for information on emerging trends in technology, management, healthcare, etc.

Mr Nair has many technology firsts to his credit:

  • In ER&DC, he developed India’s first microprocessor-based Attendance Recording System, consisting of hardware and attendance management software, now well- commercialised
  • India’s first cable TV highway – through the Kerala State Electricity Board’s electricity poles – was launched for Asianet Satellite Communications
  • Country’s first GSM-based pre-paid energy metering system, using advanced electronic technologies to cater to 200+ industries of an Industrial park
  • Electronic Temperature Monitoring and Alerting System for tile factories and glass industries of Firozabad (UP) to improve efficiency of operations
  • Computer-based Area Traffic Control system for New Delhi, with monitoring and control functions, for efficient and optimal movement of vehicles.

Mr Nair delivers lectures on a number of topics of contemporary relevance, including (but not limited to):

  • Technology Trends –A Quick Look
  • R&D –Creating Value Through Innovation
  • Biomimicry –Innovation Inspired by Nature
  • International Volunteerism –Ethical Practices
  • Technology Management
  • Harnessing Renewables –With Care for Ecological Sensitivities
  • Frugal Engineering
  • Technical Writing
  • Smart Metering –Electrical Utilities and Consumers to Benefit
  • Mass Storage of Electricity– To Cater to Renewables Sector
  • Citizen Science– Volunteering of Time by Public for Research
  • Disruptive Technologies –Courtesy: Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School Drive Your Own Passion – Not Somebody Else’s


  • Life Senior Member, IEEE (World’s largest professional society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
  • Member: Life Member Committee, IEEE 2015