MIT Make in India

A partnership between MIT and TechTop for ‘Make in India’ Social Innovations

Humanity faces urgent challenges—challenges whose solutions depend on marrying advanced technical and scientific capabilities with a deep understanding of the world’s political, cultural, and economic complexities.

–L. Rafael Reif, President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, has a history of discovery, knowledge creation, and innovation. Through the MIT Campaign for a Better World, MIT aims to extend their track record to the other side of the world, especially to a nation they consider one of their long standing partners – India. MIT believes that creative education will enable a future where fundamental science unlocks new knowledge; where climate change yields to climate action; where clean energy is universal; where everyone can count on clean water and nourishing food; where we detect disease before it has symptoms; where Alzheimer’s itself is just a memory; where good ideas don’t languish in the lab but flourish in the marketplace; where daring companies create thriving industries and achieve lasting progress; where prosperity is measured not in dollars alone but in the currency of art, culture, and understanding; where quality education is radically more available; and where they offer the world’s undiscovered talent a digital path to a creative future.

To ensure that MIT continues to attract a community of exceptionally talented students and faculty from around the world, the MIT India Chair in Cambridge has joined hands with TechTop Charitable Trust to conduct several bootcamps in India. TechTop finds partners for MIT to join collaborative academic activities for a betterworld. The first MIT Make in India Bootcamp was hosted by TechTop in 2015 in Chirayinkeezhu, a coastal village in Kerala.

In 2017, the MIT Make in India bootcamp has been re-named the MIT-IIT Make in India Bootcamp for Innovation, Fabrication and Entrepreneurship for social problems. This summer, around 16 students from MIT, Asia School of Business (ASB) Malaysia, will join hands with 32 students from India to find technological solutions for our nation’s felt needs and growing societal problems. This year, besides MIT’s India office, MIT SDM, MIT’s System Design and Management master’s programme, is also supporting the 2017 MIT-IIT Make in India programme.