Ferax Electronics Pvt. Ltd

Jerry Martin and Linda Anne James won the consolation prize for their innovation in developing a radar sensing whitecane for the blind. They are seen receiving the prize from Dr.Raghunath Mashelkar, former director general, CSIR, and noted scientist. (Linda and Jerry are now life- partners as well as partners in innovation and business.)

Ferax Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is a company dealing in the manufacture and distribution of consumer electronics products. We manufacture home control systems that include switches and other unique automation products, as compared to existing automation systems. Our products are designed to be simple, user-friendly and affordable.

We are all set to launch our product by mid-2017. Product development began about 2 years ago. During the course of time, the product design underwent significant changes and upgrades in terms of functionality as well as appearance. These changes are mainly attributed to detailed market study, surveys and various customer requirements. Currently, we have completed the development stage and have moved on to the manufacturing stage.

Our main team members are engineers by profession. Building a company had always been our dream. While still in college, we had competed in, and had won the consolation prize at the TechTop National Innovation Challenge in two consecutive years, 2012 and 2013. We were inspired by the motivation received through these competitions to pursue our dream of establishing a company. We were encouraged to become entrepreneurs by attending entrepreneurship workshops organized by TechTop team.